Founding Members Recollection

Over the past 15 or 20 years, questions had arisen about the saving of the building and the establishment of the Club as founding or early members moved out of governance or active use of the Club.  In an effort to capture the oral history two videos were done at the 50th anniversary of the Club and later in 2016 to capture their stores live.

In the first video, people kept referring to Marjorie James and her work as the impetus for the discovery that the City Tavern still existed and was worth saving.  Several years later, it took Nancy Pyne a little while to locate Marjorie, but together they joined John Irelan for this oral history on the discovery of the historic landmark and how they undertook to preserve it.

The City Tavern was first built in 1796 and was restored by the City Tavern Association.


Mr. Robert Calhoun Baker

Capt. And Mrs. Peter Belin (USN, RET.)

Mrs. Denton Blair

Hon. and Mrs. Robert Woods Bliss

Hon. and Mrs. David K.E. Bruce

Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Burling, JR.

Mr. Paul Callaway

Mr. John Cowell Colie

Mrs. Carley Dawson

Mr. and Mrs. Andre De Limur

Mr. O. Emerson Duncan, II

Hon. and Mrs. Gordon Gray

Hon. and Mrs. H. Struve Hensel

Miss Elizabeth Houghton

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. James

Mrs. Florence Stephenson Mahoney

Mr. and Mrs. Armistead Peter, III

Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Peter, JR.

Mr. H. Alexander Smith, JR

Miss Elizabeth Young


People Saving Places

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