Preserving History: City Tavern Preservation Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of elegance and history at the City Tavern Preservation Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala. As an organization dedicated to preserving one of Georgetown’s federal-era landmarks, the City Tavern, we are excited to invite you to an event that celebrates the past and ensures its future.

The Annual Fundraising Gala:

Please mark your calendars for December 1st, 2023, as we cordially invite you to the highlight of our year, the City Tavern Preservation Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala. The gala promises an exquisite blend of refined dining, entertainment, and an atmosphere that echoes the voices of our forefathers.

Why Your Presence Matters:

Attending the gala is not just an invitation to a splendid evening; it’s a commitment to preserving a tangible piece of American history. Your support directly funds our ongoing restoration efforts, educational initiatives, and innovative programs that keep the story of the City Tavern alive. Participating in the gala makes you a steward of history, ensuring that this landmark remains a vital source of inspiration and education for future generations.


With immense gratitude, the City Tavern Preservation Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to our esteemed corporate sponsors and sponsor families. Your generous contributions have played an instrumental role in making our remarkable event possible. If you’re interested in joining the City Tavern Preservation Foundation’s esteemed circle of sponsors, we welcome you to contact Leslie at your earliest convenience, call 202-337-8770, or email


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Join us

Tickets for the City Tavern Preservation Foundation’s Annual Fundraising Gala will be available in 2024. We encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list to ensure you receive updates and information about ticket availability. By doing so, you’ll stay informed about gala details, early-bird ticket opportunities, and other engaging events hosted by the foundation.

The City Tavern is a testament to our past’s enduring value in a world that moves ever faster. Join us for an evening that bridges history with the present and secures a vibrant future for this national treasure. Your presence at the gala will be more than a celebration; it will be a gesture of support for preserving a tangible connection to our nation’s origins.

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