The mission of the City Tavern Preservation Foundation is to preserve and steward the City Tavern, the last remaining Federal tavern in Washington, DC. In recognition of the importance of this remarkable building and the historically significant events that have occurred within its walls, the Foundation is committed to documenting the history of the City Tavern (c. 1796) and its contributions to the Georgetown community, the District of Columbia, and the nation.

The Foundation raises funds to repair, restore, preserve and share this incredible Washington landmark. The Foundation offers exciting educational opportunities, including lectures, guided tours, as well as social and cultural  events. Our programs highlight the City Tavern’s history, its famous patrons, including our country’s Founding Fathers, its historical relationship with slavery, its 18th century architecture and interiors, and many other subjects.  The Foundation is independent of the City Tavern Club.

We engage in meaningful relationships with local historic preservation and civic organizations to work together to promote Georgetown’s unique architecture, history, and social heritage.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today to help the City Tavern Preservation Foundation safeguard one of the oldest and most storied Federal-era buildings in our nation’s capital.

Leadership and Team members

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