Rare Opportunity to Witness “Musical Preservation” | Update: January 2024

November 2023.

In November of last year, the City Tavern Preservation Foundation joined forces with the Washington National Cathedral to offer a unique behind-the-scenes preview, tour, and demonstration of the Great Organ. 

Cathedral Organ Scholar Rebecca Ehrens plays a pivotal role in this musical preservation endeavor. She not only explained and demonstrated the full capacity of the organ but also provided a unique recital showcasing the progressively limited capacity as the project unfolds.

Following the recital, attendees had the extraordinary opportunity to literally walk “into” the instrument on the Cathedral’s triforium level, where the majority of the pipes are situated.

January 2024.

Now, as we step into the new year, the much-anticipated project is well underway.

The ambitious first phase of the Great Organ’s deconstruction, involving the systematic removal and reconfiguration of its almost 11,000 pipes, is progressing according to schedule. The projected date for this intricate process began in January 2024, and we’re thrilled to report that it is set to be completed before Easter Sunday, on March 31.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to follow this extraordinary journey of musical preservation in action!